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What do I do if I get into a car accident? 

1. Report your claim to your insurance carrier.

2. Explain when, where, and how the accident occurred. Be as detailed as possible.

3. Explain what vehicles were involved. Include year, make and model.

4. Describe the damage to each vehicle. Pictures of the damage is always helpful.

5. Collect the names and contact information of the people involved, and potential witnesses.

6. Explain the extent of any injuries that may have been suffered by any of the individuals involved.

7. Collect the name of the law enforcement agency that responded and the police report number, if the police were contacted.

8. Write down your claim number to track the progress of the claim.

What do I do if I need to file a claim on my homeowners insurance? 

Call your insurance carrier and let them know:

1. When the incident occurred

2. A description of what happened

3. The location of the damage and what was damaged. Again, pictures are always helpful!

4. Is your home still livable? What’s the current condition of your home?

5. If the fire or police department responded, which department was it and is there a report number?

6. Provide your contact information and the best time to reach you.

7. Write down your claim number to track the progress of the claim.

Always protect your home from further damage! Arrange to temporarily board up windows, tarp your roof, remove debris, and place damaged items in a secure place to be inspected (if possible). Maintain a list of temporary repairs  and keep all of your receipts.

Are my jewelry, fine art, collectibles and weapons covered on my homeowner insurance? 

On a typical homeowners policy there is coverage for your personal property. However, if you have jewelry, fine art, weapons, or anything of significant value, it's always best to have your agent schedule it on your homeowners policy or do a separate personal articles policy for the items.

If I let someone borrow my car, are they covered? 

Insurance follows the car. If someone borrows your car, they are covered under your car insurance. The only exceptions are if the driver is specifically excluded on your policy or if it's a named driver policy, meaning only people listed on the policy are covered. Most standard insurance companies do not sell named driver policies. Talk to your agent if you have any questions!

Am I covered if there's a flood?

No, flood insurance must be purchased separately as its own policy. Contact us for a free flood insurance quote! 

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